My life


In this post I will give you a little background history of myself. I am from Columbia, SC. I have been involve in athletics my whole life. I have played all sports including basketball, soccer, baseball, football. Sports are a way to life, better yet its like a free throw I want to look back at my life and said I made it when it counted. I never knew basketball would be my ticket out because when I was little my favorite sport was football but my parents never let me play until I got older and that was in middle school. Well the plus was I found out that sport wasn’t for me but my team went 12-0 and were district champs. I also played baseball I was actually great at the sport I played every position except catcher. My favorite spots were 1st base and right field. But sad to say my last year playing was my freshmen year, when I hit a grow spurt over the summer while playing AAU basketball. My high school career was kind of crazy because out of the four years in high school I was at three different high schools. First was Wade Hampton for my freshmen year, next was WJ Keenan for my sophomore and junior year, last I went to Cardinal Newman. My career was all started from playing sports outside in my yard. I started from the bottom up with skills even getting a full court outside of my house. I can remember it was like it was yesterday playing 5 on 5 on Sundays, and working out during the week. My father bought me a mongoose bike I use to ride it for a cardio work and to see what people was doing in my community. Only thing I use to hate when I was 12 years old was my parents gave me a curfew and that was be home when the street lights come on because I was riding a bike in the streets and cars really couldn’t see you because I didn’t have a light on my bike. Hard works actually pays off because all of those late nights in the gym and working out in the weight room paid off it got me a trip to Edward Waters College, to play basketball. I get down on my knees and thank God everyday for this opportunity he gave me to better my life and further my education so I can be a successful man in my community. At first I only had major D-1 schools in my head but my father talked to me and we had a talk about no matter the name of the school you will make that school. My first year of college I learn a lot on and off the court. My second  year I did alright made second team all conference and a few other things. But it doesn’t stop there each year no matter fact everyday I try to be better then I was yesterday.


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